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Do you have an SEO strategy? If you do is it bringing in the traffic you would like to see via Google Analytics? Most of the SEO requests that came our way over the last two months did not.

At Brand Barn we follow a simple strategy were we make sure that the ground work is done on every website we work on. Most content management systems (CMS) have a basic framework that tends to the SEO requirements set out by Google and other search engine providers. This is the first place we start looking when we work on a turn-around plan.

We also do a proper review of the site submissions and content elements to make sure it has been done right from the start. In most cases a company or brand employs a website/content administrator who is tasked with making sure the content is search engine friendly. In our view these resources are not always aware of the tasks that needs to be done to ensure proper configuration for search engine discoverability. In cases like this a simple training session normally rectifies the situation.

The other big issue in South Africa is that we are seeing more and more “web developers” that do not have a clue about what needs to be done from the start. It is all good and well that you can supply your customer with a great looking website, but if nobody ever finds it because of your lack of configuration then it is a redundant exercise.

Your customer has a better chance of get hits by standing on a corner with a ad board around his neck.


SEO Strategy ResultsWith a recent client we took a site that was running for a few months and just started the SEO strategy from the start. After a thorough investigation we found a few basic steps that was not done properly and just fixed it. The snap shot above shows the increases they experienced utilizing their current content.

SEO Strategy ImprovementOur focus was to increase the Organic traffic first and use that to then identify areas, or keywords, that they can then consider for their online marketing spend.

Personally we are BIG believers in Organic Traffic as it doesn’t really cost you as much as paid advertising. This does however only work if you have a proper content strategy that is built around your product/service that you are offering your clients.

The great thing about Organic Traffic visitors are that down the road they become Direct visitors to your site. That is a win because it means your brand and service stuck in their head and they opened up their browser and typed in your URL.

That – is – awesome!!!

Touch base with us if you need to get your SEO working for you rather than not at all.

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