You are known for the company you keep

Whether it is directly or via one of our commissioned projects by an agency or partner, we have had the pleasure to work with, produce solutions and consult on for some great brands in South Africa, a few abroad.

We feel that it is important to celebrate not only what you have delivered on but also to “brag” about it a bit. For this reason we created the Wall of Fame. A digital “name-drop” space where we stick up the logos of all the brands who has been a part of our experience and journey over the last 10+ years.

Lake Umuzi Brand
Honeywell Brand
Seltzer Brand
Massdiscounters Brand
Idea Engineers Brand
Queenspark South Africa
Umuzi Week of Festivals
Cecil Nurse Brand
Mest Africa Summit
Microsoft Brand
Reimagine SA Brand
Webber Shandwick South Africa
Code et al Brand