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Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a term we use for the work we do to optimize a website for search engines, that is not related to your content. It is more about what happens behind the scenes than what your website visitor sees.

If your website was a car, it would be like taking it in for a major service. Web site administrators and marketers look at their Google Analytics they basically the same goal; increasing the website traffic. It is a simple but important goal.

  • More traffic produces more leads
  • More leads produces more opportunities to increase sales

5 Focus Areas of Technical SEO

When we optimize websites for clients we spend a great deal of time looking at how the site is constructed from a CMS, application and server perspective. We perform a technical audit that focusses on providing us with a view of the site’s:

  • Page availability
  • Encoding and Technical factors
  • URL structures
  • Internal links on a page level
  • Page speed from a desktop and mobile perspective

These factors become important when search engines like Google start crawling and indexing your website. They want to determine if your site is one that provides users with a great experience. Will users be able to access content, will it be a fast site or will it be a mess to navigate and find the right content they are looking for.

Search engines think like people. You would not recommend a dodgy mechanic to your friend to service his car. Search engines are the same. They don’t want to recommend and rank website which underperforms once they are being visited.

The great news about technical audits and optimization work is that once the issues identified are fixed, they only require monthly monitoring to ensure the site is healthy. Website developers would receive an audit report and be able to apply fixes to the website application. With content optimization, the task would be that of the journalist or PR agency to ensure the content is optimized for each article or blog produced.

Our website development team works closely with content creators in order for the content and technical optimization requirements to be met. It would be a shame if your site is filled with great content but it is not being delivered on a technical level at the same standard.

We hope you enjoyed this introduction to this subset of SEO. Be sure to follow us for more insight over the next few weeks on this topic

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