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The Brand Barn Dream

What is the Brand Barn dream? It is actually pretty simple whilst at the same time very ambitious.

While most people watched the Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams with tears in their eyes, my attention was on the red barn in the background. I loved the whole idea of a barn that serves as the work space on farms. It protects and serves as storage space and can be turned into a entertainment area overnight.

Growing up in a farm community in South Africa the barn played a similar role. The problem however was that our barns did not resemble anything close to the majestic “American” barns made out of wood. Ours is construction of metal. Very cold and uninviting.

Another classic event used in most US movies where the Amish are involved is the practice of a barn raising. The whole community pitches up to help construct the barn and afterwards they all celebrate together.

All of these elements are what inspired me to call our company Brand Barn. The dream is to one day purchase a piece of land and build a barn that can serve as office space for marketing creatives. A place where teamwork contributes to the final goal and successes can be celebrated.

We are currently a long way from implementing the dream but I believe that if we focus on the same values involved in a barn raising that we will get there. No matter what space we currently occupy.

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